Transfer Tape Application

Read through our wall preparation guide to make sure your surface is perfect.

Testing is key: Wipe an area of your wall with a lint free cloth, warm up the back of your test decal and stick it onto the wall. Keep it on for about a week to ensure readiness.

Exciting day! Before we start, park your decals in a sunny spot. On cold days, maintain a cosy room temperature of 23°C (73.4°F). Please, no open windows or air conditioning!

Ready, set, go! Freshen your wall with a lint-free cloth, measure your spot, and let the magic happen! Warm up the back side of the decal with a hair dryer to soften the glue. Peel your Stickaroo from its backing, don't worry about any bubbles - they'll vanish on the wall. Use your trusty card to rub it over, and if any bits stick to the backing, just peel and press them down.

Let's warm things up! Heat your wall slightly, press your design onto it and smooth it out from the middle. Rub your card over it firmly to bond it to the wall.

Time for the big reveal - peel off the application tape slowly and flat against the wall, and if any bits decide to hitch a ride, just scratch and press them back onto the wall. Finish with a warm hairdryer and a final gentle rub. Voila!

Inspect your masterpiece! Any trapped air? Use your card to work them out, or prick them with your project knife. Secure the edges with an extra card session and repeat in an hour and the next day.

Ready for a change? Peel off your Stickaroo slowly at a flat angle. A warm hairdryer will make peeling a breeze if it's been up for a while. Now, that's a wrap!