Our Story

Greetings from Stickaroo, a vibrant pulse of wall creativity where stickers are not just stickers but little bursts of joy! Founded in 2010 by Tania Brussow, Stickaroo was born out of love, designed initially to add an extra splash of happiness to her firstborn, Damian's, room.

What makes us unique, you ask? Here at Stickaroo, we're not just about pretty stickers – we're about top-quality, eco-friendly, and reusable vinyl stickers that treat your walls like royalty. Our wall stickers give you all the fun of redecorating minus the mess and stress! They're removable, reusable, and leave walls damage-free.

What began as a mom's imaginative project has become a story of creativity and sustainability that's caught the attention of top magazines such as House and Garden, Your Baby, Rooi Rose, and Baba en Kleuter. Our designs cater to all ages because here at Stickaroo, age is just a number, and everyone deserves a splash of fun!

Our journey isn't about plastering walls with stickers; it's about transforming spaces with a dash of creativity, quality, and lots and lots of love. We're the happy elves adding a spark of fun, one wall at a time. So, if you're ready to liven up your walls, join the Stickaroo family - where we stick to quality, stick to fun, and most importantly, stick to YOU!

Every Stickaroo is carefully designed, printed, and packaged in our De Waterkant, Cape Town studio. Welcome to Stickaroo – Where Fun Sticks Around!