What is Stickaroo?
Stickaroo is a range of self-adhesive vinyl decals for your home. Stickaroo products can be used on a variety of surfaces, from smooth walls to windows, mirrors, tables, tiles and pretty much any other smooth and clean surface you can think of. Stickaroos are carefully produced in South Africa from our studio in Cape Town. Please allow 7 days for the production and 2 days for delivery of your Stickaroos. In some cases it might take a little longer depending where you stay. During sales production might take a little longer.

How long do they last?
Depends on your appitite for change really. Stickaroos are made from high quality vinyl and if applied correctly can last for years.

Will my Stickaroo work on any surface?
Unfortunately not. Stickaroos work best on smooth, clean surfaces. We do not recommend wall or surfaces that are textured, bumpy, rough or newly painted. STICKAROO IS NOT RESPONSIBLE IF DECALS APPLIED TO THESE SURFACES DO NOT STICK. Grab a cloth and wipe the surface clean of any dust. DO NOT wash the wall before applying your Stickaroo.

We've just painted the wall, how long should we wait?
You’ll have to wait 3-4 weeks before applying your Stickaroo. If you do attempt to apply the Stickaroo to newly painted walls, the decal might have trouble adhering to the wall or the adhesive will dry to the paint and damage the paint when you decide to remove it.

What about the type of paint?
Stickaroos will stick to semi-gloss, matte and high gloss paints. A lead free, semi washable paint is a good choice. 

Can I use a Stickaroo in my shower?
Yes! Just make sure not to do it right after a shower. Stickaroos will stick just fine to tiles, shower doors, mirrors and even your toilet. Please ensure that the surface is completely dry before applying.

How do I remove a Stickaroo?
This is so easy! If removing from a wall, simply lift the edge and roll the decal off backwards against the wall. You can also soften the glue by heating the vinyl with a hairdryer.

What type of vinyl finish do you offer?
We use a matt finish for all our decals. It just works better with wall paints and will give you that professional wallpaper look. The gold and silver vinyls have a slight metallic finish.


About the store
Our online store is operated out of Cape Town, South Africa. All vouchers and discount codes with expiration time/date will be managed under GMT +2. Our store is open 24/7.

How do the discount vouchers work?
If you have a discount voucher you can use it on checkout. Discounts cannot be combined and only 1 discount voucher can be used per order. Discount codes are not valid towards custom orders.

I just ordered, how long does it take to receive my order?
Stickaroos are carefully hand-cut per order. We do not carry stock on hand. Normally your order should take 7 days to complete. Once shipped you will receive an email with the tracking details or we will contact to arrange for collection of your parcel. 

How will my order be delivered?
All orders ship from our studio in Cape Town via our courier partner Dawn Wing, unless you've selected the option to collect. Delivery normally takes 1-2 working days (door to door) depending on the city. If you selected the collect option, we'll let you know when your order is ready to be picked up.

How do I track progress on my order?
You'll receive an email when you've placed an order. We will also keep you updated via email and send the tracking code through when your order ships.

What if I don't like it?
We do not offer refunds on any products or custom work done. We’re happy to offer an exchange for any products that are not 100% satisfactory. You can exchange your Stickaroo within 7 days from the date received. Stickaroo returns must be returned in the original, unused condition. Please send an email to hello@stickaroo.com for our address and exchange authorisation. Unfortunately we do not offer refunds on shipping costs incurred. Also, all custom orders are final and may not be exchanged.

Do you ship world-wide?
We only operate within the South African border at present.


Can I sell Stickaroo products in my shop?
We would love to have a chat and see what we can work out. Click here to send us a mesage.