Wall Preparation Guide

Read our helpful guide for the best possible application results. With 13 years of experience in this sticky business, we know how to ensure your Stickaroo stays put and looks great.

It's important to understand what kind of wall Stickaroos love to stick on so that it stays stuck and there is no problem removing it. Unfortunately, we will not be held responsible for failure to stick or lift Stickaroos.

We only recommend smooth-painted walls or plasterboards.

For the best results, prime the wall with a compatible paint and primer from the same brand. Ensure you know the curing times for your selected colour, and add a week or two before sticking your Stickaroo. This will ensure that the paint is dry and has adequately cured. If you apply your Stickaroo any sooner or used the wrong paint, there is a good chance it won't stick and will lift because of the paint outgassing. If you are not sure what paint is on your wall, clean the surface with 70% Wintergreen rubbing alcohol and a lint free cloth.

Not recommended:
• Textured surfaces
• Covering existing wallpaper
• Brick or cinder-block walls
• Chalky or sandy surfaces
• Washable, flat/matt paints
• Paints with migratory agents (silicones & waxes)
• Humid rooms

You can improve a surface by using a primer or light sanding.