Peel & Stick Application

Before we start, read through our wall preparation guide to make sure your surface is perfect.

Testing is key: flatten your decals in a sunny spot until all edges are flat. Clean an area of the wall with a lint free cloth and stick your Test Crew onto the wall. Keep them up for two weeks to ensure readiness.

Before the grand reveal, let your decal adapt to room conditions for a day or two.

Exciting day! Ensure all edges of the sheet are flat. Use a warm hairdryer on the back of the sheet to warm up and soften the adhesive. On cold days, maintain a cosy room temperature of 23°C (73.4°F) and warm up the wall area too. Please, no open windows or air conditioning!

Ready, set, go! Freshen your wall with a lint-free cloth and align your decals with the perfect spot using measuring tools.

Time for action: peel, stick, and rub, rub, rub! Ensure your decals feel the pressure to stick. Heat the decals and re-rub after an hour and then again the next day.

Cut and peel the backing off for intricate designs while smoothing the decal onto the wall.

Big decal? No worries, call in some reinforcement! Create a lip, stick it, and smoothly remove the backing while rubbing. Follow the design flow, and start from the center to dodge any pesky bubbles. If one shows up, prick it with your project knife and smooth it out.

Are you joining two decals? Overlap by a tiny 1-2mm.

Time to change? No problem! Peel off the decal slowly at a 120° angle, roll it onto its backing sheet, pop it back into the tube, and seal. You're all set to re-stick another day!