Before getting started on your next interior project we have some tips and tricks to make your Stickaroo experience is the best it can be.

Keep your decals rolled up in the shipping tube until the day you plan on using them. Store the shipping tube inside a sunny room, in a spot that gets sun for a couple of hours a day. This will keep the adhesive soft and sticky.

If you are planning on painting the wall or have just done so, you will have to wait for the paint to cure. If you don't, chances are good that the paint will push the decal off the wall.

It's very important that the surface you plan on using is smooth, clean and dry. Before you start, grab a damp lint free cloth and wipe down the surface. Wait for the wall to dry before getting started. Leave your decals inside the shipping tube and let them enjoy an hour or so in the sun. This will soften the adhesive.


Step 1 — Unpack your Stickaroo and roll it out flat on a big table.
You will need the following things to simplify the job.
• scissors
• squeegee, old credit card or something similar
• masking tape to plan the layout

Step 2
 — Use the squeegee or old credit card and start rubbing down on the clear side of the decal. Continue doing this and make sure to cover the entire decal. Once completed slowly start pulling the clear application tape and sticker from the backing paper.

ProTip: if some smaller details stay behind when pulling the clear application tape, simply roll back, rub down again and continue. You can also use your fingernail to lift the piece from the backing paper.

Step 3 — Using two hands, position your decal on the surface. Starting in the middle using your hand, slowly smooth out the decal to the sides. Grab your squeegee and rub the decal, covering all areas, to ensure it transfers from the application tape to the surface.

ProTip: on cold days try using a hairdryer to heat the wall before starting.

Step 4
 — You can now start removing the application tape. Start from any corner and slowly peel the application tape backwards over the decal. Be sure to keep the application tape as flat against the surface as possible. 

ProTip: some smaller details might stick to the application tape. Simple roll back the application tape, apply pressure by rubbing over it and continue peeling.