Room of the Month

Hey there, wonderful decorators of the world! 🌟

Stickaroo has a super fun, exciting, and artsy challenge ready to ignite your interior design passion! We call it the "Stickaroo Room of the Month" contest! 🎉

Here's how it works:

  1. 📸 Snap a Picture: We want you to show off your interior design flair! Take a picture of any room in your home that you've styled with Stickaroo wall decals.

  2. 💌 Email and Tag: Once you're proud of your Stickaroo-themed masterpiece, email us the picture at Or, if you're a social media butterfly, post it on Instagram, and tag us @stickaroo_ . We'd love to see how our decals make your rooms pop!

  3. 🏆 Win Win Win: If your room is chosen as our "Room of the Month", you'll win a R1000 Stickaroo gift voucher! We will announce the winner on the 1st day of the month on our Instagram and Facebook pages!